Stickers 1 Mar 2024

Horror vacui

Latin for "fear of empty space"

I remember reading about the inverse relationship it has with value perception. Higher end shops will tend to have more sparsely populated window displays. Think boutique clothes stores or even Apple shops.

You can extend this thinking to Apple products themselves. If you buy a MacBook it won't come plastered with various stickers as a lower end Windows laptop may.

But whilst a clean aesthetic can be beautiful, it can also be quite stark and lacking distinct personality. Adding patches, decals and stickers can literally allow us to put our stamp on things. 

Red Bubble are a high end supplier of custom stickers that are printed on-demand as you order a specific set and vareity of designs. They're certainly not cheap, but they are high quality.

For most of the stickers here I opted for a transparent background, to really make the design pop. Having taken advantage of a 50% discounted sale, I ended up buying quite a variety. Although I'm not quite sure where I'll end up using them.

Generally with stickers I think you can either jump all in and plaster a surface with them or go to the opposite end and use perhaps one or two very strategically. 

If nothing else, just seeing these various totems scattered on my table brings back memories of experiencing these games and technologies during a memorable period of my life through my adolescence. 

Take that Apple!

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