Sea Power 17 Feb 2024

Disco Elysium is an acclaimed role playing game that originally came out in 2019, however it was with The Final Cut edition that added full voice acting that the game really hit it's stride.

I was quite late in picking up this game, but when I did I quickly found that all the praise it had received was very well deserved. 

The whole world is dripping with atmosphere and feels very much lived in, which is thanks to the history and lore being deeply developed by the team in the years prior to it's development.  


A key part of the atmosphere is supplied by the soundtrack. It's a beautiful and haunting series of tunes that suit the game world perfectly.

They're from a British band called Sea Power that I discovered were playing a tour that came to Bristol

I must admit that I wasn't familiar with much of their output outside of their contributions to the game, but I thought I'd go along to the gig and just jump straight in.

I was treated to a good night and a few tunes I certainly did recognise. I was also tickled by the venue itself, which felt extremely fitting!

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